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The activities of this sector are aimed at promoting human rights in the Roma community and the non-Roma communities, for their mutual respect, and equality within the Constitution and legal framework. We work to reduce prejudices and stereotypes towards Roma as a cause for discrimination, facilitate communication with public officials.

Within this structure we run a legal office that assists in providing documentation for people who, for whatever reason do not possess personal documentation. Without adequate documentation people are blocked from participating in various spheres of social life, as well as important institutions such as education, health care, and welfare. Such people represent “phantoms” in Macedonian society.

Due to the fact that there have been several severe ethnic conflicts in this region, it is necessary “Mesecina” – Gostivar work of fostering inter-ethnic tolerance and dialogue in order to foster peace and reduce future risk. To realize success in their activities “Mesecina” – Gostivar, collaborates with other NGOs. “Mesecina” – Gostivar, and continues to make efforts to establish a tangible code of conduct for NGOs in the development of projects from a multi-ethnic character.  This sector targets all citizens with particular emphasis the Roma as one of the most marginalized, disadvantaged communities in the country